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QA100--Full Digital Stereo Amplifier

QA100--True Full Digital Stereo Amplifier


QA100 Full digital stereo amplifier is a bold essay in the HiFi amplifying field by QLS’s talent engineer team. Instead of using a traditional DAC and an analog signal amplifier, QA100 amplifies 2-way digital signals from CD/DVD players, computers and digital music players directly, and the amplified digital signals then pass through 2-way passive LPF circuits to drive the stereo speakers. Because of cutting off the traditional DAC and analog amplifying elements, QA100 provides a way to reduce the TCO of your HiFi system significantly.

QA100 is able to drive 4Ω@100W-8Ω@60W2 way bookshelf and floor standing speakers smoothly with accurate, transparent, high dynamic range and excellent transient response sound style.

QA100 implementsan ASRC circuit working together with a high-precision, low jitter and temperature compensated crystal to reform the sampling clock,therefore provides the ability to improve the sound quality of the low or mid-end source equipment remarkably.

QA100 designed as open loop digital circuits, thus there is no stable problem even in driving speakers with very low impedance. Moreover DSP technology is employed to correct the expected deviation on the final outputs that made a significant improvement for the amplifier’s line output characteristics.


  • High quality sampling clock reform circuits, CS8416 for S/PDIF input and AD1896 for ASRC.
  • Customized switching power supply special designed for HiFi system, and independent power supply loops for different function units.
  • Digital input: RCA Coaxial, BNC Coaxial, Optical, EBU/AES, I2S
  • Digital format: 16bit to 24bit, 32K to 192K Stereo (sampling rate and bit adaptive)
  • Power Stage chip: TAS5162 *2
  • Master Volume: 0 ~ 80;  L/R Volume Trim: -5 ~ +5;
  • Use 2PPM TCXO Crystal for ASRC (crystal JITTER is below 10PS) .
  • Total hamornic distortion (-2.5dBFS, 8 Ω) <0.06 %
  • Dynamic Range, a-weighted 101 dB
  • S/N ratio, a-weighted 102 dB
  • Channel separation 92 dB
  • Frequency response, audio range (20Hz - 20kHz) +/-0.5dB, 8 Ω
  • Power: AC 90V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
  • Speaker Impedance range: 2-8 Ω
  • Power output, 4 Ω  100W  * 2CH
    Power output, 8 Ω  60W * 2CH
  • Dimensions approx. 11.4" x 9.45" x 2.4" (with all the sockets)
  • Package weight: 3kg
  • Package Dimension: L440 X W300 X H110(mm)

QA100--True Full Digital Stereo Amplifier

Internal PCB board:
(In order to improve the quality and sound quality, components are subject to change without notice.)

QA100--Full Digital Stereo Amplifier PCB Board

QA100--Full Digital Stereo Amplifier PCB Board

The following items are included with your Order:
  QA100 Amplifier *1
  Remote Control * 1(not include battery for remote control)
  Power cable  *1
  RCA cables for S/PDIF coaxial RCA digial input *1

User Guide *1



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