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QA01--USB&Analog to SPDIF(Coaxial&Optical&I2S) Digital Audio Converters

QA01 USB/Analog to SPDIF(Coaxial/Optical/I2S) Digital Audio Converters



This little box provides a lot more than its tiny body.First of all, QA01 is a HiFi USB to SPDIF converter that is able to stream your music library stored computers to 24bit/96KHz digital output including RCA coaxial, Optical and I2S. Secondly QA01 is a stereo analog to digital convertor interface that provides the way to store your favorite old tapes and LPs to 24bit/192KHz high quality digital recording on devices like MD.

QA01 employees TE7022L as the USB interface chip, the native ASIO and USB2.0support of TE7022E working together with the sampling clock reforming circuit that reduce jitters to the minimal.

In order to deliver high quality of sound,each functional unit is supplied by an independent LDO voltage regulator chip, and the system can be powered by an external power supply to get even better performance, the external power supply overrides the USB supply automatically once the external power supply powered up.


  • Solution chips: TE7022L(USB)/WM8782 (ADC)+WM8804+DS8921
  • Audio format supported:
    - USB Sound card: 24bit/96KHz, PCM, AC-3 and DTS
    - ADC Converters: 24bit/192KHz or 24bit/96Khz(Use Internal jumper select, factory default 24bit 96Khz)
  • Digital output:
    - RCA Coaxial
    - Optical
    - I2S (RJ45)
  • Analog input: RCA (L+R)
  • External power supply: 9VDC
  • USB sound card Plug and Play with Windows2000 to Win8 and Mac OS 9.1 or later
  • Support ASIO

    If use ASIO please go to this web site download Asio driver: http://www.qlshifi.com/jszl/QA01AudioSetup_20120727.rar

Product Applications:

     1. USB to SPDIF (USB digital sound card).
     2. Analog to SPDIF digital converter(ADC)
     Example: QA01 can offer USB&Analog input for QA100 Full Digital Amplifier.
     QA01 can offer PCM digital audio output for your LP or other no digital output's player to your DAC.

Power: (Auto select, External power supply input priority).
     1. External DC9V power supply input.
     2. Offer power supply from USB Port.

The main chip:
1. USB Chip: TE7022L
   2. ADC Chip: WM8782
   3. Digital transmitter:WM8804+DS8921


QA01--USB/Analog to SPDIF(Coaxial/Optical/I2S) Digital Audio Converters

QA01 USB Digital Sound Card /Analog to SPDIF(Coaxial/Optical/I2S) Digital Audio Converters

Internal PCB board:
(In order to improve the quality and sound quality, components are subject to change without notice.)

QA01 USB Digital Sound card to spdif  Internal PCB board

I2S/IIS Port:
QA01 I2S/IIS Port

The following items are included with your Order:
  QA01 Digital Audio Converters *1
  USB Cable * 1
  DC9V Power  Supply *1
  I2S/IIS Cable *1

User Guide *1

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